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Started by Neilaham

UK get-together

Hi all! Having been a member for a while, I finally decided to become a supporter, and I now hope to explore ways of contributing further to our rather cool Org…

I would be very interested to know if there are plans, or if there may be an appetite to hold any UK informal get-togethers?

Neil H Salisbury UK

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Started by Jewmex56

Everywhere I looked I found E = M

WE ARE ALL MADE OUT OF ENERGY AND MATTER! my Matter is my physical body, and my Energy is my Spiritual body. And you can also find it in all Life and in Creation.
Energy in science is known as “spark,” “Electromagnetic Energy,” “Electricity,” and so on, and in Scripture it is known as “the Spirit,” “Spirituality,” “Heavenly things,” and so on. This Energy cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it can be FELT.
Matter in science is known as “physicality,” “Mass,” Matter, “physical body,” and so on, and in Scripture it is known as “Material things,” “physicality,” “earthly things,” “flesh,” and so on. This Energy can be SEEN and FELT.
Now, because of these two Energies which is what we are made of, we then have 1 “politics (physical)” and “religion (spiritual),” 2 – “State (physical) and Church (spiritual),” physical laws (courts) and Spiritual Laws (in Torah/Bible), 3 – physical food and Spiritual – food, 4 – physical rulers (Kings, Presidents, Emperors, Prime Minsters…) and spiritual rulers (Priesthood, Bishops, Pastors, preachers….), 5 – physical world and kingdoms and Spiritual world and Kingdoms, 6 – physical education (science and schools) and Spiritual education (at Synagogues, Churches, Mosques…), 7 – physical taxes (for the upkeep of the government) and Spiritual taxes known as tithes / ten percent (for the upkeep of the church), and so on…. the man-made concept of this is “the computer, cell phone, robot, car, machine and etcetera, also have a physical body (Matter), and an Energy body given and/or created by the (source) battery.
My physical body (Matter) has a Heart and Brain, and my (Energy) Spiritual body has a Soul and Mind; my physical Heart (Matter) houses my Soul (Energy), and my physical brain (Matter) houses my Mind (Energy). These two now can and must operate as one, because if my heart is in San Francisco and Mind in New York, things will never work out!
Ezra 9:7 “From the days of our ancestors until now, our guilt has been great. Because of our sins, we and our kings (Matter/physical rulers) and our priests (Energy/spiritual rulers) have been subjected to the sword and captivity, to pillage and humiliation at the hand of foreign kings, as it is today.” NIV.

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Started by Rod

Eros, Agape, Philia & Storge & Quantum Neuroscience

These four words beautifully expand and refine our recognition of different aspects of love.

Eros is the passion and sexual and sensual desire and engagement between lovers. In the model of triune brain theory we see the instinctual or reptilian brain, the brainstem and reticular activating system, governing these fiery and exciting instinctual energies.

In Storge love we find the natural love and affection between parent and child. Here we see the mammalian or emotional brain centered in the limbic system and the motivational system of attachment, a deep instinctual connection and bond that is formed especially one on one.

In Philia we find the love and loyalty for our friends, family and community, the affiliative motivational system. A social love creating bonds in larger systems and communities, again focused in the limbic system.

Agape is the most sublime and heavenly expression of love according to the Peruvian shaman Pablo Amaringo. It is an all pervading unconscious love towards others. I believe Agape transcends love that can be explained through the neurobiology of sexual instincts or attachment systems. Mystics describe the universe as a field of love and light. Sufi mystics call this field Ishk, a love the glues and holds the cosmos together. This type of love transcends the biological systems of our brains and moves to a larger energetic field reflecting our wave nature. Unconditional love is not lost in the particles of complexes and transferences of the personality.

Kemar Smith:I love your article. Great job

David:Nice article. I would not call


Started by SAND


ride-to-SFIf you have plans to come to SAND16 US and you are looking for a ride or a room-mate, here is the place to find one!
Type your requirements in the comments box below, check the I’m not a robot box, complete the picture quiz, click verify, then click Post Comment.
Please note that you must be registered with the SAND website and logged in to post a comment.

Susana Reyes:Hi! I am arriving in San Jose

astridm:Hello All, If you are looking

Mego:Hello SAND Community ~ I live

parmatma cris:hola everyone! looking for

JonathanVanValin:Hello All, I'm staying at the

RoyDopson:Am looking to share a ride fro

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Eva-Lotta:I have a room at Residence Inn

Kate Sorensen:Got a room? I'd love to share

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Started by Gedi

Inherent Illusion of Existence as a Self

We can see a common thread in the many spiritual paths and our own experience that there is no true separateness to anything, particularly the illusion that we have a ‘self’. I am ‘black or white’, ‘spiritual or non spiritual person’, ‘he is a lawyer, i am a shop assistant’, etc. etc.

We must wonder why do we do this, why do we create these illusions that cause suffering and why is it so hard for us all to see past it – why do we cling to these illusions of separateness.

I see this clinging as an inherent and indeed a defining attribute to our existence. If we did not, we would not be, ‘i think therefore i am’. To explain this we can reflect on the origin of life, indeed a concept in itself but let me continue. When there was first some ‘thing’ that either ingested some ‘thing’ else to continue to replicate, it needed to see its ‘self’ as something different to the thing it was ingesting. If it did not it would not be. It also must be unaware, ignorant of the fact it is not truly separate or it would not feel the need to ingest to ‘survive’, ie. to continue keeping an illusion of self. The opposite of life is not death, birth is the opposite of death whereas life is eternal. Here, is the first concept of self, and indeed it is inherent to existence as we are.

It is now however very curious how we can transcend this conditioning in what is termed Awakening and/or Enlightenment depending on how we define these words. We can see that any suffering is a consequence of this ignorant perception of self, which in turn is a consequence of our very existence. When we awaken we maintain the illusion of self, however we can somehow see past it and incorporate that feeling / knowledge into our ‘self”s lives.

I hope I’ve described that well enough, I’d appreciate any comments on this.

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Started by Rod

Mathematics & Consciousness

At our fall 2015 SAND conference there seemed to be a consensus that if the universe is made of consciousness many of the difficulties conceptually in quantum theory are resolved. In the observer effect for example, if the universe is made of consciousness, my consciousness observing it will have an effect. However, there seem to be a split between mathematics and consciousness. This summer I read the book Quantum of Mind by the physicist and Jungian analyst Arnold Mindell, where he bridges this gap.

To summarize a few of his viewpoints. The root of mathematics is in in body experience. The base 10 system derived from having 10 fingers for counting in trade and transactions. The binary system emerges out of the duality in our bodies, two eyes, two years, two legs etc.

Positive real numbers represent conscious experience that is in our awareness, for example my seeing this computer and working with it. Negative real numbers represent objective reality that is just outside of conscious awareness, the beautiful trees on my property that are several hundred meters behind me, out of sight.

In many equations that are necessary to describe the wave functions imaginary numbers are also important. Mindell equates imaginary numbers with our subjective experience, for example how I feel while typing this, excitement and apprehension. Negative imaginary numbers represent feeling states out of our awareness in our unconscious on both personal and collective levels.

Complex numbers have both real and imaginary components represent rich personal experience with both objective and subjective reality. Conjugation is the process of multiplying two negative imaginary numbers, creating a real number. Frequently in depth psychotherapy there are subjective states experience states outside of awareness, as these enter into awareness between therapist and client and are discussed and examined they become real or objective states and interactions that can be recognized and commented on.

He equates the process of calculus with moving from separate points in time to dropping into the now, into a non-dual state of present centered flowing awareness.

For those interested in the relationship between math and consciousness I highly recommend Mindell’s book.

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Kerry A. Shirts:I just finished reading Max Te

immaterialgrrrl:Thank you very much for the bo

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